Grants FAQs

General Questions

We are a local chapter of a national organization but do not have our own 501 (c) (3) – only our parent does. Are we eligible for TPC funding?
No. At this time, we require that a local chapter have its own 501 (c) (3) status.

Our revenue is a bit higher than $2 million (or a bit lower than $200,000). Can we still get a grant?
Our revenue guidelines are firm. Because eligibility may change in future grant cycles, please check back in the fall of 2018.

Our organization is housed in a religious institution but we are not affiliated with that institution. Are we eligible?
Yes, provided you do not offer religious programming (and meet other eligibility requirements).

Are TPC grants limited to organizations providing services for women only?
No. TPC funds communities, programs, and organizations serving all people.

How will I know my completed application was received?
We will send an email confirming its receipt.

May the use of TPC’s grant money be modified during that year?
No. A grant may be used only for the purpose stated in the grant application, as agreed to in the formal agreement signed by The Philanthropy Connection and the grantee.

May an organization submit more than one grant proposal in the same year?

May an organization apply the next year to continue the grant?
Yes. A TPC current grantee may reapply for a second year of funding after it has met all conditions of the initial grant.

If my organization doesn’t receive a TPC grant one year, may we re-apply the following year?
Yes. We encourage applicants to re-apply.

Will my organization have a dedicated contact at TPC if we receive a grant?
Yes. Through the TPC Liaison program, each grantee will have two TPC members who are the main contact between our organizations. A Liaison will contact you at the beginning of your grant award to schedule a time to meet with you and your team.

If my organization receives a grant, will we be required to communicate periodic status updates to TPC?
Yes. Grantees are expected to meet with their Liaisons at the middle and end of the grant year, and to submit a written interim and final report as described in Section II of the Grant Letter Agreement.

Are there additional ways that TPC members can get to know more about our organization and vice versa?
Yes. TPC Liaisons connect grantees to our membership community. Your Liaison will describe the opportunities for you to publicize your needs and organizational priorities through our newsletter, our website, and speaking engagements. In addition, TPC welcomes invitations to attend events held at your organization during the year.

Questions about TPC

What is TPC’s funding source?
TPC has two levels of membership: for young philanthropists (those 35 and younger), each contributes $500 into our grant pool; for women over 35, each gives $1,000. Each year, this pool of money is divided into $25,000 grants awarded to local non-profits selected by our members. To learn more about how collective giving works, click here.

What is TPC’s grant making process?
Teams of TPC members evaluate a set of LOI applications, determine which organizations are invited to submit Full Proposals, and choose which receive site visits. All Teams meet as a group to decide ballot finalists. In May, all members of TPC vote to determine which organizations will receive funding, with each member having one vote. Grantees must attend TPC’s Grant Awards event in late May/early June, when we introduce our newly funded grantees to our members.

Questions about Financial Documentation and Reporting

What financial information is required for the LOI application?
For a 501 (c) (3) organization:
– The first page of its most recent IRS Form 990

For an organization with a Fiscal Sponsor:
– A copy of its fiscal sponsor agreement letter, and
– A letter from the Fiscal Sponsor certifying the applicant’s revenue, including only that which would be reported on the Total Revenue line 12

What financial information is required for the full proposal?
For a 501 (c) (3) organization:
– Form 990 (with all IRS-required attachments for the last fiscal year);
– Certified Financial Review or Audit (with all notes for the last 2 fiscal years);
– Year to date (YTD) Income Statement for the most recent closed quarter and YTD Income Statement for the comparable quarter in the prior year, OR YTD Actual vs. Budget for current fiscal year; and
– List of grants with their amounts and terms for the last 2 years.

For an organization with a Fiscal Sponsor:
– Income Statement for the last 2 years;
– Balance Sheet for the last 2 years;
– YTD Income Statement for the most recent closed quarter and for the comparable quarter in the prior year, OR YTD Actual vs. Budget for the current fiscal year; and
– List of grants with amount and term for last 2 years.