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“All people and communities have the right to equal environmental protection under the law, and the right to live, work, and play in communities that are safe, healthy, and free of life-threatening conditions.” – Columbia University: Environmental Justice Program

This is a perfectly reasonable statement, yet the fairness implied does not always extend to communities of color, which tend to be concentrated in geographic areas that have greater environmental risk. This modern-day reality has very much been driven by enforced policies, nationally and locally, that have historically discriminated against and disadvantaged people of color.

Join us for a panel discussion on October 6 featuring Rosann Bongiovanni, ED of TPC grantee GreenRoots, and David Meshoulam, ED of Speak for the Trees. We will learn how these two local nonprofits are addressing and responding to adverse environmental effects in communities of color, and how environmental justice is linked to both racial and social justice issues.

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The Philanthropy Connection’s mission is to inspire, teach, and enable women to engage in collective philanthropy, in order to provide grants to charitable organizations that improve the quality of life for low-resource individuals and families living in Massachusetts.

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