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About Us

At TPC, members are confident that every dollar of their membership donations will make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families impacted by systemic inequities.

The Philanthropy Connection’s mission is to inspire and enable a community of women to learn, grow, and engage in collective giving to support nonprofit organizations that address systemic inequities impacting individuals and families within the greater Boston area.

We transform women’s membership investments into impactful grants for nonprofits, we teach women to become informed donors, and we encourage women to forge lasting relationships with the nonprofits in our community.

Membership is simple. Each member contributes one of the following amounts as their annual investment:

  • Sustainer: $2,500
  • Catalyst: $1,200
  • Partner: $600
  • Friend: $300

Each member chooses their investment level based on their ability to pay, with all members having an equal voice within the organization regardless of their chosen membership level. Members join a group of women invested in the Greater Boston community and are invited to join events, workshops, leadership opportunities, and our grants review process.

Any member may join a grant team and help review applications, conduct site visits, and recommend nonprofits for our final grantee ballot. Our full membership votes on our final slate of applicants, with one vote per member. Finalists receiving the most votes are awarded a grant, giving each member an equal say in which nonprofits TPC funds. The number of grantees and amounts awarded depends on the number of members – the more members, the more funding we can provide.

We keep our administrative costs low by using a majority-volunteer staff and tapping into the talent pool of our membership. Each member decides for themselves how involved they would like to be. Some members choose simply to write a check and vote for our thoroughly vetted nonprofit finalists. Others choose to become deeply involved in committee work – evaluating grants, conducting site visits, or planning our member education events.

Women are unique philanthropists: they donate more, take a more active role in organizations’ operations, prefer different causes than men, and want to witness the impact of their giving. Men tend to give based on who is asking; women give based on who is receiving. Many women we know are willing and able to give, but don’t, simply because they have not been asked, or because they don’t have enough information to be confident that their donation will be put to good use. Many women who do give would increase their giving if they knew more about local organizations that are doing work they are interested in funding.

We believe…

  • That diverse women pooling their time, skills, and dollars, can positively impact their communities.
  • That dismantling systemic inequities, and intentionally including diverse experiences, perspectives, and voices in our community enables TPC and its grantees to achieve more informed, impactful outcomes.
  • In creating and sustaining a community that is inclusive, equitable, diverse, and fosters a brave space to which all people can bring their whole identities and authentic selves.
  • That building relationships and genuine connections is critical to cultivating the next generation of diverse women philanthropists.

Part of a Nationwide Movement

The Philanthropy Connection is proud to be a member of the Philanos, a national network of over 80 women’s collective giving groups. Together, over 17,500 women in the Philanos network have given $150 million to non-profit organizations throughout the US.

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