Catalyst Grant Announcement

  • The inaugural Catalyst Grant will be awarded to one of our ten 2022-23 grantees, providing $25,000/year for two consecutive years ($50,000 total).
  • Once TPC has selected the ten 2022-23 grantees through our member voting process, a small committee of previous grantees – who are no longer eligible for TPC funding and who are experienced social change agents – will determine which of these new grantees is best positioned to advance systemic change
  • This organization will be awarded our first Catalyst Grant in September.

Our strategic plan challenges TPC to: 1) increase our trust-based philanthropy practices; and 2) advance systemic change.

Here is how we see the new Catalyst Grant advancing our progress toward these important commitments:

  1. Increase TPC’s trust-based philanthropy practices.
  • “The work of nonprofits is long-term and unpredictable.” Thus, the Catalyst Grant will provide the winner with $25,000/year for two consecutive years ($50,000 total). This multi-year, unrestricted funding will give our Catalyst grantee the flexibility to assess and determine where grant dollars are most needed, and allows for innovation, emergent action, and sustainability.
  • “Philanthropy doesn’t have all the answers. Grantees and communities provide valuable perspectives that can inform a funder’s strategy and approach, inherently making our work more successful in the long run.” The Catalyst Grant acknowledges this truth and will engage a small committee of previous grantees to help select the winner. Once TPC members have selected the ten 2022-23 grantees through our member voting, this committee will determine which of these ten grantees is best positioned to advance systemic change. Collaborating with our previous grantees as participatory grantmakers strengthens our community relationships and impact.
  1. Advance TPC’s impact advancing systemic change.
  • It is our stated belief that understanding and dismantling systemic inequities, and intentionally including diverse experiences, perspectives, and voices in our community enables TPC and its grantees to achieve more informed, impactful outcomes.
  • Why systemic change? TPC has traditionally invested primarily in organizations involved in direct service – addressing immediate needs for food, housing, clothing, legal services, etc. While TPC will continue to fund these initiatives, we also want to encourage organizations seeking to address systemic inequities that are often the root causes driving the need for these basic services. Systemic change work takes a longer-term, more holistic view by examining the underlying power dynamics, relationships, policies, and interdependencies that perpetuate these inequities. Frequently initiatives to try innovative, transformative solutions do not attract adequate funding because funders reward programs with short-term measurable outcomes over “riskier” initiatives designed to have long-term sustainable impact. This work may address inequitable policies or laws driven by systemic racism or it may foster collaboration between diverse sets of organizations (funders, nonprofits, public, and private organizations) that address the interdependence of societal issues.
    • This Catalyst Grant targets deepened philanthropic investment in a grantee engaged in systemic change work, evidence of our commitment to confront systemic and structural inequities.
  • Bring your questions about systemic change to our April 25 7-8:15pm Philanthropy Dialogue to learn more about systemic change from grantee organizations GreenRoots, Immigration Family Services, and Dignity Matters. Register today!

The Catalyst Grant will be a pilot for 2022-23. We expect TPC to take away learnings to help us continue to improve and enhance a collective giving model that includes multi-year funding going forward.