Give the Gift of Membership

Are you looking for that perfect gift for a woman you know? Friends, wives, mothers, daughters, and employees are among our current members who have been recipients of a Gift Membership in The Philanthropy Connection.

Having my TPC membership sponsored has been an enormous gift. I have gained so much more beyond the monetary value. My time with TPC will continue to bolster my career and add color to my personal life for years to come. I’ve gained leadership experience and now sit on TPC’s Board, and philanthropic knowledge with increased awareness of local issues and non-profit organizations. Most importantly, I have acquired a network of amazing, talented, and generous women I now count among my friends. My mentor may not even realize how much she has gifted me with her sponsorship – but I’ll make an effort to let her know! Erin Cooper, Former TPC Board Member

Each year, there are several women who express interest in joining TPC but are unable to financially contribute to our membership investment requirement. You can help TPC continue to grow by sponsoring a member.

You do not need to be a TPC member to give a Gift Membership…although sharing the TPC experience certainly is a lot of fun!

Young people don’t usually get a seat at the table where big decisions are made, but TPC’s fellowship changed that for me. I received not only a holistic and transparent view into how social projects get funded, but also exposure to experiences and people who helped me formulate my own perspective on what kind of philanthropic system we as a society should be working toward. After my fellowship ended, I opted to stay a member because TPC embodies the kind of system I believe is most effective – incorporating numerous and diverse voices, marrying rigorous debate and strong due diligence with tremendous compassion, and proving that even a little can go a long way when we come together. – Cassandra Trujillo, Current TPC Board Member

Sponsor a member or give the gift of membership with a tax-deductible investment at the level you are most able to provide.

100% of your donation to TPC is tax deductible.