How Give. Receive. Learn. Works

Give. Membership is simple: Each member contributes one of the following amounts as their annual investment:

  • Sustainer: $2,500
  • Catalyst: $1,200
  • Partner: $600
  • Friend: $300

Each member chooses their investment level based on their ability to pay, with all members having an equal voice within the organization regardless of membership level chosen. Any member may join a grant team and help to review applications, conduct site visits, and recommend nonprofits for our final grantee ballot. The full membership votes on a slate of candidates, with one vote per member. Finalists receiving the most votes are awarded a grant, giving each member an equal say in which nonprofits TPC funds. The number of grantees and amounts awarded depend on the number of members – the more members, the more funding we can provide.


Receive. TPC facilitates connections between our like-minded member philanthropists and our grantees. After members learn more about the critical work grantees perform in our community, many are motivated to help: in a recent survey, 100 of our members (35%) donated to or volunteered for at least one grantee. This amplifies our philanthropic reach far beyond grant dollars to include members’ involvement as Board members, volunteers, private donors, and pro bono advisors.


Learn. Throughout the year, we provide our members multiple opportunities for learning what it means to be a philanthropist. Through educational programming and grant review teams, we create educated, energized donors who learn how to be effective Board members, read non-profit financial statements, assess an organization’s health, and conduct effective site visits. We offer Philanthropy Dialogues, small-group discussions with representatives from TPC’s current grantees, who delve into hot topics in philanthropy. Members also have the opportunity during Volunteer Days to provide direct service to grantees. Each member decides for themselves how involved she’d like to be.