Member Impact: Returning Grantee Boston CASA

Charles Lerner, Executive Director of returning Grantee Boston CASA, would like to share some of his thoughts with you regarding his work at CASA and the sometimes profound, always tangible, impact of TPC’s support.

As Boston CASA’s ED and a previous foster youth who himself got lost in the shuffle, CASA’s volunteers have strengthened my faith in the kindness of others. Following are just two examples of the countless stories of CASA volunteers making a difference in the lives of our community’s most vulnerable children. Between CASA’s volunteers and the generosity of TPC and its members, we will almost double the number of children with volunteer advocates in Boston.

From all of us at Boston CASA, you should know the difference you are making and how important your support has been to us.

Many of our CASAs work with young adults aging out of foster care. A young woman about to turn 18 found out recently that she was going to be moved from her foster home of two years due to an administrative and financial decision by DCF. This child, who is in the permanent custody of DCF, was working to graduate from high school in June and had finally found some stability in this foster home. Previously, she had moved from home to home and spent nearly a year on the run from placements. This was devastating news to learn that she’d be moved from the one place she’d come to call “home.” Her CASA got to work. All parties involved met with the judge, and with CASA’s support, this young woman was able to articulate her reasons for wanting to stay in this home until she graduated. An agreement was reached so that could happen. A purely administrative decision would have changed the course of this child’s life. CASA was able to make it personal and advocate for her real best interest.

CASA Volunteers

Another smart, hard-working teen in the permanent custody of DCF will be going to a high school better suited to her this fall, thanks to the advocacy of her CASA. This is a school placement that this 16-year-old had hoped to have for the past two years. Her CASA went to work over the past few months working out the logistics to make it a reality. The young woman thanked her CASA, telling her, “I’m so excited – I had really lost all hope. This has worked out because of you.” Excitement about school, as well as being in the right environment to excel, changes the course of a child’s life.


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