Member Impact

Have you ever thought of yourself as an ambassador for TPC? Many of our members, like Julie Corwin, joined TPC because an ambassador started a conversation…

“I was having lunch with Jamie Barth and mentioned that I needed to get more involved and give back and this is the year to make it happen. Jamie said, ‘You need to join TPC,’ and went on to tell me that it’s an amazing group of women who pool their donations together in order to have lasting impact through grant giving. I was thrilled to hear of the model to give locally to high-impact areas, yet with growing organizations that are often providing a much-needed service to the community. It made so much sense to me so I signed right up, even before I went to the first meeting. I then became more impressed when hearing stories of grant recipients about what they do and how the grant helped. The grants make a difference, yet I also saw that the passion that drives the people behind these organizations is the difference. We’re simply adding power to their good work.” 

We know that we wouldn’t be able to tell you such wonderful stories about the work our grantees do if we didn’t have our members joining together to make as many grants as we possibly can. Besides paying dues that fund our grantees, we also ask members to help recruit new members, and one of the Connect the Dots events we have planned this fall is the perfect opportunity to do so. Please think about friends or colleagues who may be interested in learning about the power of collective giving that you could invite to the Waterworks Museum or the private screening of “Angelo Unwritten” at the Coolidge Corner Theater.

There is still time to be part of our 2017-2018 grant-making season. Pledge now to be a member for 2017 and your payment won’t be due until November if you’d like to participate on a Grant Review Team. If you don’t plan to participate on a team, your renewal/enrollment payment won’t be due until December 31, 2017.