We were delighted that Sacha Pfeiffer interviewed Susan Benford, TPC’s President, for The Boston Globe in May. Often we gain members through existing members, or because someone attends a TPC event. But Young Philanthropist (YP) Cynthia Andre joined after reading the interview with Susan. She says,

I read about TPC in The Boston Globe and decided to learn more, so I checked out the website. I saw the good work TPC enabled and supported among non-profits. One in particular was School on Wheels Massachusetts, where I had been tutoring children impacted by homelessness. Their grant made me so happy to see. I grew up learning and practicing social justice in high school at Fontbonne Academy. I joined TPC to be part of a community of women helping to drive change. As a Young Philanthropist and new member, I am excited that I will continue to live out my mission and service, acquire new skills, and meet inspiring people along the way.

Cynthia was one of the first YPs to join TPC in 2017, helping to bring the total of this dynamic group thus far to 36, a number that includes 12 Fellows. We also are delighted to welcome the other 43 new members since January 1, putting us halfway to our goal for the 2017 membership year (with funds given away in June 2018).

Pledge now to be a member for 2017 and your payment won’t be due until November if you’d like to participate on a Grant Review Team. If you don’t plan to participate on a team, your renewal/enrollment payment won’t be due until December 31, 2017.