TPC member Deborah Masterson spoke with Kelley Lane, Executive Director of Sibling Connections, which reunites brothers and sisters who have been separated as a result of their placement in foster care. Sibling Connections was awarded a TPC grant two years in a row. Deborah is the TPC Liaison for Sibling Connections.

Kelley (far right) next to Sibling Connections’ Program Director Lizzy Parker at TPC’s “Meet the Grantees” event.

Q. Please give us an update about your organization.

A. Sibling Connections (SC) is in the best position ever! We are in the process of finalizing our strategic plan and goals for the next two years. Our April Gala was enormously successful. We raised the most money ever – over $70,000. Though we’re sad to say goodbye as a TPC grantee, we very much appreciate the contacts we have made and look forward to sustaining these relationships.

Q. What has your connection to TPC meant to your organization?

A. The connection to TPC enabled me to establish a community and team of coaches, and to develop relationships with professional women. TPC literally gave SC credibility as an organization. I went from working on my own from my apartment to having an office and hiring Lizzy Parker as Program Director. These big steps were made possible by TPC’s generosity. While the two years of grant money we received was enormously helpful, the benefits of being mentored by a team of professional women was equally, if not more, important to me.

Youth participants arriving at Sibling Connections’ camp.

Q. What’s next for SC?

A. We are working to sustain our ongoing programs by implementing a sound financial plan. There is a waiting list now for siblings who would like to participate in our programs. We are very happy to report that we have received a $10,000 grant from the Lenny Zakim Foundation and an additional $10,000 grant from Avison. We are also being considered for a grant from Help for Children.

Q. Please tell us what you’ve learned, what you’ve received.

A. I learned about the importance of “giving” opportunities and establishing networks and contacts in professional life. Receiving the support TPC offered helped events like the Sibling Weekend happen. I know I will continue to apply the lessons I’ve learned as SC continues to move forward. I don’t think that the last year of TPC’s funding is a goodbye… I want to remain actively involved with TPC and the women who have been such an encouragement to me.