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Q: Pamela, tell us about yourself. How long have you lived in the Boston area, and what brought you here?

I moved to Boston from Nepal in 1998. I spent five years living in Nepal working for the Peace Corps and then for an organization called World Education. After I moved to Boston, I continued to work for World Education as a Program Officer, and continued to travel back and forth to Nepal frequently for that work. I decided to leave World Education in 2005 to look for an opportunity to lead something based within the United States.


Q: What kind of work do you do now?

Boston Partners participant with mentor

I started working at Boston Partners in Education in January 2006, and I am currently the Executive Director. Boston Partners in Education supports children in Boston Public Schools by tutoring and mentoring them in reading, writing, and math, and connecting mentors to work with children in K-12 either one-on-one or in small groups. Last year, we placed 539 volunteer academic mentors, working with 3,335 students in 63 Boston Public Schools. Boston Partners in Education’s 50th anniversary is being celebrated throughout the 2016/2017 school year.


Q: How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

I believe in a “work hard, play hard” motto! I love living in Boston; I’m a big Red Sox fan. I love to bike, drink craft beer, and go to concerts. I enjoy the theater and am a subscriber of the SpeakEasy Stage Company.


Q: Tell us about your involvement with TPC.

I have been part of TPC since the first year. I talked to a woman who told me about TPC and about Marla, and then I went to a Connect the Dots event. I really liked the idea of pooling money to be able to give larger grants to deserving organizations, and I liked that I could be part of the process to choose who receives the grants.


Pamela (3rd from the left) with other TPC members

Q: Have you been able to participate in any TPC programs/committees?

I’m on a Grant Review Committee that has reviewed applications. I found it interesting and rewarding, especially because from my work, I know what it’s like to be on the other side of the grant process. I also helped interview potential TPC fellows.


Q: Are you involved in any other philanthropic causes?

I’m involved with DotOUT, an LGBT neighborhood group committed to doing good things in Dorchester and bringing the community together. I’m also very committed to Boston Partners in Education, and would love to have people learn more about what we do. You can read more about us at


Q: What do you hope to get out of your TPC membership this year?

I’m looking forward to being part of the grant review process again. I also really liked interviewing the fellowship candidates and helping to choose who the beneficiaries are, and I hope to continue doing that.