IMG_4948Grantee Future Chefs students, who catered the January Dialogue event

TPC Update: Hitting our Stride

We’re thick in the middle of our 2017 giving year, and our education programs, grant review teams, and grantees are all pitching in to help TPC’s 287 members live our motto: Give. Receive. Learn.

On the evening of January 26, 40+ TPC members gathered for our first Philanthropy Dialogue of 2017: Barriers to School Success. Three grantees – Future Chefs, School on Wheels of MA, and Catie’s Closet – described how their programs are helping children stay in school and build successful lives.

•  Catie’s Closet provides clothing and toiletries to homeless children in need, which decreases school
absenteeism and increases graduation rates.

•  Future Chefs provides training in the culinary arts, and equips young people with skills such as
teamwork, deadline prioritization, and supply management – skills that can be used in any workplace.

•  School on Wheels of MA provides academic support and one-on-one mentoring to help homeless
children stay in school and reach their full potential.

A huge thanks to all three grantees for helping to provide children with the help and support they need in order to complete their education – and to reach for the stars.


Grants. Grants. Grants.

MBP14009TPC Member Audience at June 2016 Annual Meeting & Grants Announcement

We’re now a couple of months into our grant review process. All teams have met and reviewed Letters of Intent (LOIs), short applications submitted by local non-profits seeking TPC funding. Based on teams’ evaluations, some applicants were invited to submit a more detailed Full Proposal. In March, teams will evaluate these proposals, and in April they’ll conduct Site Visits. Here are the numbers:

#Letters of Intent received: 171

#Organizations invited to submit a Full Proposal: 81

#TPC members volunteering on grant review teams: 138

#Grant review teams: 17

#Grants to be awarded on June 1, 2017: 10

Size of each grant: $25,000

Thank you to all of the organizations that submitted an LOI application, and to all of TPC’s volunteer reviewers.


Open House? Gala? You Decide.


At TPC we believe that philanthropy is more than writing a check.  There are countless ways to support our grantees, chief among them… by attending one of their events.

Did you ever wonder how food makes its way from Whole Foods to local food pantries? Want to learn more about how homelessness affects children, and what you can do to help? Bring your partner, your daughter, or a group of friends, and show up to find out!

Open Houses
CASA Boston: Thursday, March 2; 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. (Boston)

Catie’s Closet: Saturday, March 11; 6:00 p.m. (Burlington)

Sibling Connections: Friday, April 7; 6:30 p.m. (Somerville)