Volunteer Days Galore!

Project Citizenship. With Halloween right around the corner, an army of 10 intrepid TPC volunteers headed to Faneuil Hall to assist Project Citizenship with the preparation of its Annual Appeal mailing to thousands of its potential donors. During an afternoon including a lunch (graciously provided by PC!), chit-chat, and more than a couple paper cuts, 2000 mail-ready envelopes were successfully prepared. (For YPs, that’s what’s known as snail mail, a remnant from the good old days.) Thank you to these generous members who gave an afternoon to help complete a critical task.

Justice at Work, Salsa for Justice. On the evening of October 18, 2019, several TPC members headed to the Dante Alighieri Society in Cambridge to help our grantee, Justice at Work, set up for the event. We helped hang sound curtains, equip guest tables with materials, sort and prep t-shirts for sale, and then helped with guest registration and t-shirt and raffle ticket sales. The room got busy very quickly, filling quickly with an amazing mix of men, women, and even children. In the background, there was the pulse of music and, even though the dancing hadn’t started, the swaying certainly had. People were ready to salsa! The lights dimmed, the professional dancers took the floor, and the night really started to roll. We even managed to capture Tom Smith, who many of you know as the Executive Director for Justice at Work, cutting a rug before he addressed the crowd. Well over 200 people attended the event and over $22,000 was raised, which sets a new record for this two-year grantee. We congratulate them for such a successful, fun evening; we salute the work they are doing in protecting workers’ rights; and we thank the volunteers who helped make the evening a success.