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April 2019

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Three anonymous donors have a challenge for YOU!

A trio of dedicated TPC members is offering a match of up to $5,000, effective immediately. For each of you who renews between now and midnight on the evening of our Grants Award meeting on May 29, your renewal will trigger a $50 donation toward our mission-related and administrative expenses.

Because donations for this operational support are vital every year, please take these two steps:

  • RSVP for the Grant Awards meeting (Remember that for the first time, you are invited to introduce TPC on this evening to as many friends and colleagues as you wish.)

Many thanks for taking immediate action and to this trio of TPC fans.

PS: New members, please watch your inbox tomorrow for an invitation to an orientation meeting coming your way in May.


How We Do What We Do: Becoming a TPC Board member

Members occasionally ask how a woman can be considered for the Board. Answers follow!

Who becomes a Board member?
Board members are those who have a history of helping run TPC: they serve on or chair committees, host and run our Connect the Dots gatherings, lead and serve on grant teams, help fundraise, staff our Grant Awards meeting, and fill vital roles like being a Liaison and/or participating in Volunteer Days. Because we are volunteer-run with the exception of Alison, our part-time administrator, we look for women who have shown “historical willingness” to help run TPC. We seek women who do what they’ve committed to do with timely follow-through, who communicate well, and who work collaboratively to accomplish our mutually agreed upon goals.

What is the timing for Board selection and service?
In early fall, the Governance and Nominating Committee (GNC) asks the Board if there are specific skills and talents needed on the Board. At the Board’s annual meeting in November, it votes, per our by-laws, on officers (our President, Treasurer, and Clerk) for 1-year terms and for new Board members with terms starting January 1. Young Philanthropists serve for 2 years while members older than 35 serve for 3. Each is eligible for a second term with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Who provides recommendations?
The GNC solicits possible Board candidates from Committee Chairs and co-Chairs, the Board, and other TPC leaders. Each recommender submits a summary of her history with the candidate, including experience working together, and of the candidate’s skills and experience.

Presently, our by-laws do not cap the number of members on the Board, which is currently 14. The GNC prioritizes the recommendations, and speaks with each candidate about potential interest in a Board position. If the candidate is interested in serving, she is given our document, “Expectations of a TPC Board Member”, asked what skills she would be interested in contributing to the Board, and has her questions answered. This process continues until the number of desired Board seats is filled.

Want more details about TPC’s by-laws? They live on our member portal under the “Members Only” section.

Interested in volunteering immediately on a one-time basis? Please contact Ruth Isaacs, our Volunteer Coordinator: ruth@firstjobhelp.com.

Interested in volunteering on or supporting a Committee, or being a Liaison? Be sure to respond promptly to the member survey coming in June.

Interested in learning more about TPC’s current Board members? Bios of the 14 women can be found at the About Us section of our website.

Have questions about our Governance and Nominating Committee? Please contact Committee Chair, Caitlyn Clarke: caitlyn.a.clarke@gmail.com.


Grantee Impact: Boston Area Gleaners
TPC Liaisons: Cathy Konicki and Sue Meehan

TPC liaisons (and Board members) Cathy Konicki and Sue Meehan interviewed Laurie (Duck) Caldwell, the Executive Director of the Boston Area Gleaners (BAG).

“Gleaning” is the act of collecting surplus crops from farmers’ fields, a practice that dates back to ancient times when landowners invited peasants onto their fields to glean after the main harvest was over. BAG has been practicing gleaning since 2004, with the help of groups of volunteers. These volunteers make trips to local farms where they harvest high-quality fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. The organization then distributes this nutritious produce to food banks, food pantries, and other agencies serving families facing food insecurity. BAG is seeking to build a sustainable supply chain of healthy produce from local farms to people in need.

Continue interview with Laurie (Duck) Caldwell


Member Impact: Volunteer Day with BEST Corporation

April showers bring May flowers, but they also seem to bring lots of Volunteer Day opportunities. The most recent was another round of mock interviews with BEST Hospitality Training, a grantee from last year. BEST offers extensive training to individuals looking to move into hospitality careers with premium hotels in the Boston area. Securing positions with the hotels BEST works with allows these workers to earn higher pay, benefits, and opportunities for career advancement.

Several TPC members interviewed the latest group of men and women that are being trained by BEST. With the full slate of candidates, the time went by very quickly but not quickly enough for us not to have been able to appreciate the hard work and determination of these young, and some not so young, job seekers. Each was effusive in thanking us for taking the time to give them the opportunity to practice their interview skills. Just a couple hours out of our day went such a long, long way.

It was also really gratifying to see the new space that BEST inhabits in Dudley Square, packed with students and staff. It literally was a beehive of activity. The photo is one of the classrooms where you can see some of the students (and BEST staff) we interviewed hard at work. We look forward to hearing about some of the jobs that will be landed because of the skills, and the confidence that come with them, that BEST is passing along to these future hospitality workers.

PS: There is still room for volunteers at events this week with Budget Buddies (April 24) and Justice at Work (April 25). Please sign up today.



Young Philanthropist Initiative

On March 27, 2019 Young Philanthropists and their 20 guests gathered at Hemenway & Barnes’ offices for a conversation on Philanthropy in Boston. The discussion, however, was not limited by the event’s title. The evening featured three panelists who engaged in a candid conversation about inequity in philanthropy and the challenges and triumphs of their work. Chaletta Huertas of GMA Foundations shared how she does not urge family foundations to support one cause over another, as support of any cause moves us toward a healthier world. Kendra Wotkyns of BNY Mellon shed light on how to remain unflappable in the face of ageism in the office. And Leah Hong from the Letters Foundation beautifully described how invaluable direct-service experience is when working on the grant-giving side of an organization.

Madelaine Eulich, a YP member since March 2018 and a regular guest-attendee of TPC events for the year prior to joining, shared her thoughts about the discussion.

“The Young Philanthropist’s Philanthropy in Boston event was one of the best I have attended. I left feeling grateful for the strong female voices already making waves in the field of philanthropy, and acutely aware of the work we have left to do. As TPC President Susan Benford put it, philanthropy is much too ‘pale, male, and stale.’ After attending this event, I am inspired to continue changing that story alongside the TPC community.”

After the event, panelist Leah Hong shared this:

“I can’t tell you enough how much the YP panel reignited my passion for integrating social justice into philanthropy. I’m so grateful to you and the TPC community for creating these important spaces for women to convene, elevate, support one another, and think about innovative ways to give back to communities. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my perspective with others last night.”

Thanks to Jeannette Andre who facilitated; Leigh Chandler, Dylan McGarvey, and Hemenway & Barnes who hosted; and everyone else who made the event possible and a great success!



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