Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force Update

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force Update

This month, the Task Force focused on defining our goals and we soon hope to share with you a team mission statement and also propose a DEI values statement for TPC as a whole. We’re also preparing to play a part in the upcoming strategic planning process and work to ensure that DEI is a priority that infuses the plan.

This month we wanted to share the following resources with you:

  • Event: Trinity Church White Supremacy Culture 101 – Participants will develop their understanding of White Supremacy Culture and have the opportunity to explore barriers to identifying and challenging it. (May 1, 2020, $50)
  • Podcast: The Fight for a True Democracy from the Times podcast “1619” – “In 1776, the nation was founded on the ideal of democracy. In 1619, when enslaved Africans first arrived in what would become the United States, black people began the fight to make that ideal a reality.”
  • Articles and Essays: Project 1619 – This is an ongoing series of articles and essays from The New York Times magazine that “aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.”
  • Book: Decolonizing Wealth by Edgar Villanueva – “Decolonizing Wealth is a must-read for philanthropists and donors looking to achieve the change we want to see in the world. Compelling, honest, and kind, Edgar is clear that we must free funding resources and the philanthropic sector itself from frameworks that further exacerbate the problems rather than bring us closer to identifying and activating the solutions.”
    Aliza Garza, co-creator of Black Lives Matter Global Network

We’re working on a Task Force group email address that we plan to share with you soon. In the meantime, if you want to share feedback, suggestions, resources, or anything you find relevant to the work of the Task Force, please email Co-Chairs Jennifer Angarita and Taurean Green.

We are so glad to be members of an organization that recognizes the importance of bringing a DEI lens to our work, and to our own personal and collective opportunities for growth.

The Philanthropy Connection’s mission is to inspire and enable a community of women to learn, grow, and engage in collective giving to support nonprofit organizations that address systemic inequities impacting individuals and families within the greater Boston area.

Email: connect@thephilanthropyconnection.org
Phone: 617-544-7812

TPC members include all women who identify as cisgender, transgender, agender, gender queer, and femme. TPC welcomes everyone for whom “woman” is a meaningful identifier or experience.

TPC qualifies as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) for US tax purposes. Our EIN is #46-0665444.