TPC Liaisons with Grantee Family Nurturing Center

Headed by TPC member extraordinaire, Cheryl Sacks, the liaisons are working with executive directors to figure out all the ways TPC can help our grantees be successful.  As a first step, each Grantee is creating a TPC Wish List. Yes, most non-profit organizations wish for money. Yes, most wish for board members. But we are challenging our Grantees to think beyond “I need new Board members now!” and focus on creative ways to get TPC members engaged in their mission, to help them understand the organization’s clients and the challenges they face. We want to encourage courtships between our members and Grantees. Ultimately, nothing will make us happier than when a courtship is consummated — with a donation, or with a TPC member saying to a Grantee, “Yes. I do want to serve on your Board.”

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