In Abundance: An Analysis of the Thriving Landscape of Collective Giving in the U.S.


Did you know that the number and impact of collective giving groups in the United States has boomed in the last five years, and they are only expected to continue growing? The Johnson Center, Colmena-Consulting, and Philanthropy Together recently published a report detailing how the collective giving movement is transforming philanthropy, engaging everyday givers in high-impact giving. Leslie Levenson and Kelsea Médard, who served as TPC’s Co-Presidents last year, participated in the study alongside our national affiliate, Philanos.

As they found, “Participants are contributing not only their treasure, but also their time, talent, testimony, and ties (summed up as the “5Ts of philanthropy”) to the groups they belong to, to the nonprofits and causes those groups support, and, ultimately, to their larger communities.” Some of their most interesting findings included:

  • Being a part of such groups, overwhelmingly led by women, increased members’ civic action. 
  • As a result of joining, more and more women now consider themselves ‘philanthropists’.
  • Equity is a major factor in giving: 60%+ of groups factor systemic equity into their decision-making process and 80% of members stated it drove their participation.
  • The groups increasingly provide general operating support, a key pillar in trust-based philanthropy.
  • 91% of participants reported they feel more connected to their community after joining their group.

This is just a glimpse – researchers found a wealth of positive impacts from collective giving. Be sure to check out the report and learn more.

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