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Money Issue

January 2016

Checks to TPC Grantees ready to go out last June

At The Philanthropy Connection (TPC) we ask a lot of questions about money. One question reigns above all others, because it reaches to the heart of our raison d’etre: How much money do we have to give away? The answer is simple: It depends on how many women join us. The more members we have, the more money we have to award as grants.

As of January 1, we had 255 members – which means that in June we will be awarding approximately one quarter of a million dollars in grants. Generous women of TPC stand up and take a bow! This is the power of collective giving.

And now for our big announcement: Membership for our 2016-2017 grant-making year is now open. Here’s your chance to help us give even more money away – and at the same time join a community of the warmest, wisest, most big-hearted women in Boston.

Click HERE to read about the benefits of joining TPC…  Click HERE to register for our next Membership Info Session in Chestnut Hill on January 26…  Ready to join us? Click BELOW.

Already a TPC member?  Renewals will start when the ground thaws this Spring.

Women Who Keep the Money Straight

Financial Trainers Beth Doreian (left) & Jihye Choi
Show Us the Money

Tomorrow, January 22nd, is a big day at TPC: Full Proposals are due from the 49 organizations that made it through the first stage of our evaluation process. This is the chance for each organization to share more details about its mission, programs… and money.

Thanks to the Financial Analysis Workshop taught by finance experts Jihye and Beth, both associates at Nonprofit Finance Fund, this week when 49 income statements, balance sheets, and budgets flood our inboxes, our Teams will be well-equipped to assess each organization’s financial health. Read More

Client Ana (center) of TPC Grantee 
Compass Working Capital
Money Insights from TPC Grantees

All of us have dreams; some of us are lucky enough to have the financial control to make those dreams happen. Others of us, who may not be as lucky, can participate in the effective programs of TPC grantees Career Collaborative and Compass Working Capital. Both organizations work hard to give people skills to take control of their financial lives and make their dreams come true. Read More

TPC Member Gayle Slattery
A TPC Member Who Knows a Thing or Two about Numbers

TPC Finance Lead Gayle Slattery shares her story

Q: Gayle, what’s your professional background?

After getting a B.S. in math and statistics, I started out of college working for an actuarial/benefit consulting firm. I stayed there for 9 years, then went to Harvard Business School. From HBS I went into banking, ultimately landing in the investment department of New England Life. In 1988 I co-founded an investment firm. There, I enjoyed digging into the financials of companies we evaluated, typically in the $10-20 million range. Read More

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The Philanthropy Connection’s mission is to inspire and enable a community of women to learn, grow, and engage in collective giving to support nonprofit organizations that address systemic inequities impacting individuals and families within the greater Boston area.

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TPC members include all women who identify as cisgender, transgender, agender, gender queer, and femme. TPC welcomes everyone for whom “woman” is a meaningful identifier or experience.

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