January 2017 Newsletter

What do you want to be when
you grow up?

January 2017

Grantee Science Club for Girls

What did you want to be? When and how did you start preparing for your future? Today’s job market necessitates giving this question a lot of thought, as most well-paying job require years if not decades – of preparation. Yet, 50% of teens now leave high school without a plan.

In this newsletter we focus on two TPC Grantees and a TPC member who help prepare children and teens for success in school, at work, and in life. Thank you, Future Chefs, Science Club for Girls, and Pamela Civins, for all that you do for so many young people in Boston.

Cook, Compute, Read!
Future Chef’s skill drill exercise
Spotlight on TPC Grantee:
Future Chefs

TPC member Susanne Beck spoke with Toni Elka, the Executive Director and Founder of Future Chefs, an organization that introduces high school students to careers in the culinary arts. Currently, there are 126 students learning what it takes to work in the food industry, building the skills and experience that will lead to fulfilling and stable employment. Since its founding in 2008, Future Chefs is proud to boast an alumni group of over 500 well-equipped, confident masters of the culinary, and other, arts. (READ MORE…)

Young participant of SCFG
Spotlight on TPC Grantee:
Science Club for Girls


Founded in 1994, Science Club for Girls (SCFG) provides “girls-specific programming by connecting girls in K-12 grades, especially those from underrepresented groups, with female mentor-scientists through free science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs in a fun, nurturing, interactive environment.” Their programs for kids are designed to develop scientific reasoning skills and promote teamwork. Leadership programs designed for teens provide the “opportunity to be role models, teach young children science, learn life skills, conduct science research in applied settings, and explore careers in science and technology.” This fiscal year, SCFG is serving 1,400 participating girls. TPC member Sadya Zelaya spoke with SCFG’s Executive Director Lonsdale Koester to learn more about this grantee. (READ MORE…)

TPC Member Pamela Civins
Spotlight on TPC Member:
Pamela Civins

Q: Pamela, tell us about yourself. How long have you lived in the Boston area, and what brought you here?

I moved to Boston from Nepal in 1998. I spent five years living in Nepal working for the Peace Corps and then for an organization called World Education. After I moved to Boston, I continued to work for World Education as a Program Officer, and continued to travel back and forth to Nepal frequently for that work. I decided to leave World Education in 2005 to look for an opportunity to lead something based within the United States.

Interview by TPC member Courtney Silva (READ MORE…)


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