July 2016

We love summertime at The Philanthropy Connection. Why? Because we slow down and take time to practice the “3Rs”:

June = Rest
July = Reflect
August = Reassess

Now that we’ve rested [✓] and reflected [✓], we’re gearing up to reassess how we can streamline all that TPC does. Among the revisions we will be unveiling next month is a new grants calendar. Stay tuned … 

For now, we’d like to take a moment to welcome and celebrate who’s new at TPC: 69 new members and 8 new Grantees (plus 2 returning Grantees).

Welcome, Newbies!

New TPC member Ruby Kang
Spotlight on TPC’s First Member of the Year

A huge TPC welcome to Ruby Kang, who joined TPC on January 3, making her the first new member of the 2016-2017 grant-making year.

Q: Ruby, How did you hear about TPC?

A: I was at a gathering of people who work at Brigham & Women’s Hospital (BWH), when they were recruiting my husband to chair the Orthopedic Department. There, I met TPC member Julia Golden, whose husband also works at the Brigham. One of the first things Julia mentioned to me was The Philanthropy Connection. I attended a New Member Info Session in Chestnut Hill, and joined. READ MORE

Budget “Buddy” working with a volunteer coach

Spotlight on New Grantee: Budget Buddies
Last month, TPC awarded a $20,000 grant to Budget Buddies. Executive Director Anita Saville explained her organization’s mission and work.

Q: What does Budget Buddies do, and how is TPC supporting your work?

A: We teach financial literacy to low-income women. TPC’s grant is supporting our implementation of a new affiliate network that will help us train other agencies in Eastern Massachusetts to run their own financial literacy programs based on our model. READ MORE

Important Dates & Announcements

August: TPC 2016-2017 Grants Calendar released (i.e., non-profit application deadlines; dates for TPC members to sign up for Grant Review Teams, etc.).

September 20, 2016: TPC’s first Philanthropy Dialogue for the 2016-2017 membership year. The evening’s discussion topic will be Food Insecurity. Click here to RSVP (this is a members-only event).

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