May 2017 Newsletter

Welcomes and Goodbyes

May 2017

TPC members greeting new grantees at last year’s Annual Meeting
At The Philanthropy Connection, May is a time of renewal – literally and figuratively. It is time to say goodbye to our current grantees, and hello to the 10 organizations that will become our grantees for 2017-2018.

It is also time for us to welcome new members to TPC, a group of the warmest, wisest, most generous women you’ll meet anywhere. There’s an extra bonus to joining us for our next giving year: You’ll be part of the excitement around TPC hitting our $1 million in grants awarded milestone, and help us celebrate our 5th birthday.

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In It For The Long-Term!
Participants of TPC Grantee Sibling Connections
Spotlight on TPC Grantee:
Sibling Connections

TPC member Deborah Masterson spoke with Kelley Lane, Executive Director of Sibling Connections, which reunites brothers and sisters who have been separated as a result of their placement in foster care. Sibling Connections was awarded a TPC grant two years in a row. Deborah is the TPC Liaison for Sibling Connections.

Q. Please give us an update about your organization.

A. Sibling Connections (SC) is in the best position ever! We are in the process of finalizing our strategic plan and goals for the next two years. Our April Gala was enormously successful. We raised the most money ever – over $70,000. Though we’re sad to say goodbye as a TPC grantee, we very much appreciate the contacts we have made and look forward to sustaining these relationships. READ MORE…

Student Participant (with daughter) of TPC Grantee School on Wheels
Spotlight on TPC Grantee:
School on Wheels of MA

TPC spoke with Cheryl Opper, the Executive Director of School on Wheels of Massachusetts (SOWMA). SOWMA, a second-year grantee of TPC, provides customized academic support services and mentoring for students impacted by homelessness, from kindergarten through college.

Q. Tell us about your organization. Why is what SOWMA does so important?

A. Students experiencing homelessness move an average of three to five times each year and often fall behind in school. They miss layers of learning due to the trauma and upheaval caused by homelessness. SOWMA provides the stability and anchor around education during these times of chaos. SOWMA also helps level the educational playing field for students by providing backpacks, school supplies, tutoring, college assistance, and mentoring so that the students are able to reach their full potential. READ MORE…


TPC Member Carrie Reber
Spotlight on TPC Member:
Carrie Reber

This month we spoke with Carrie Reber, one of the original members of TPC, about her experience with the organization and what has kept her coming back as a TPC member for five years! Carrie, who has an extensive career in software marketing, is currently the VP, Worldwide Marketing at DataCore Software.

Q. Carrie, you joined TPC when it started in 2012. How did you find out about the organization?

A. We were living in Ohio, and had become empty nesters, with our kids both in the Northeast. So we decided to move to Boston, and I moved first to start a new job while my husband remained in Ohio to wrap up the house sale and arrangements. I was living in Cambridge alone, started going to a local yoga class to keep busy, and one day a fellow yoga student stood up and announced to the class that she was starting a philanthropy group for women if anyone was interested. That was Marla, and I was interested, and I’ve been a member ever since. READ MORE…

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