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May 2019

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We Need Your Help on May 29!

Registration/Renewal Specialists will personally welcome each attendee, give her a personalized name tag, and explain the renewal card (and the challenge to renew before midnight to generate a $50 match toward TPC’s operating budget).

Greeters/Floaters will be assigned a guest’s name if the guest does not have a host. We want to be sure guests feel connected, so as you circulate among attendees we ask that you be mindful of those who may need an introduction to a potential new friend.

Grantee Hosts will be assigned to two grantees, who will be present before the formal award announcement. It will be your job to welcome them and introduce them to others.

Amateur Photographer needed to take candid shots (with the device of your choice) during the evening.

Interested? You are welcome to sign up for one or more of the above opportunities


We are very pleased to pass along the news that Adrienne Penta, the founding executive director of TPC sponsor Center for Women & Wealth at Brown Brothers Harriman, has been named the recipient of the 2019 Boston Estate Planning Council Excellence Award. Adrienne, the youngest to ever receive this honor, will be recognized at the BEPC Annual Gala on May 22.

Grant Awards and All Member Meeting is just around the corner…

Please consider Just One woman (or two or more!) you can bring along to our biggest, most important Connect the Dots event of the year!

May 29, 2019 (Wednesday)
Newton Marriott
2345 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

RSVP Today! or email to add a guest to your registration.


What does the future hold for collective giving organizations?

On April 1 and 2, 82 individuals met in Seattle to brainstorm this topic. TPC was honored to be one of the seven Catalist affiliates invited to participate; in addition to Catalist, four other collective giving networks are spearheading this project.

A key area of discussion was how the collective giving movement might benefit from some common infrastructure. Read about the visions and plans to make collective giving more prevalent and sustainable.

Catalist members who attended the Giving Circle Infrastructure Project in Seattle. Third from the right is former Bostonian and TPC member, Virginia Mills. Second from the right is TPC President Susan Benford.


Grantee Impact: Enroot
TPC Liaisons: Linda Corinne and Miriam Sopin-Vilme

For our Grantee spotlight this month, Miriam interviewed Georgia Lederman, the Manager of College Success and Alumni Engagement of Enroot. Enroot empowers low-resource, immigrant high school students to achieve academic, personal, and career success through inspiring out-of-school experiences. With TPC’s support, Enroot will create programming to continue supporting Enroot students for two additional years after high school and ensure all of Enroot’s students have the resources to transition to postsecondary education, graduate from a two- or four-year college or technical training program, and grow in a meaningful career.

Continue interview with Georgia Lederman


Member Impact 1:
Volunteer Day with Justice at Work

TPC members Patti Darsigny and Jessica Bethoney joined Justice at Work in late April to lend a hand at the Annual Celebration and Solidarity Awards. Justice at Work supports low-wage workers as they pursue economic and social justice in the areas of wage theft, unhealthy working conditions, and workplace exploitation. The highly dedicated and competent staff, along with many volunteers, offers education, legal aid, advocacy, and impact litigation to its clients.

During the evening, Anna Alonzo and Jose Palma were honored with Solidarity Awards for their exceptional social justice work. The festivities included a Latin American buffet dinner, raffle, and lots of dancing. Patti and Jessica, along with enjoying a really fun and lively event, were impressed by the diversity and enthusiasm of the crowd, which included the families of workers and other members of the community who came to show their support and appreciation for the organization’s important work in defending workers’ rights.


Member Impact 2:
Volunteer Day with Budget Buddies

Several TPC members joined Budget Buddies at Lunafest, a festival featuring eight short films by, for, and about women. Proceeds from the evening were used to support Budget Buddies’ mission to empower low-resource women through financial literacy. Special guest Janet Wu, a longtime Boston news anchor, hosted the evening and helped to highlight the important work being done by Budget Buddies to lift women out of poverty.

Your TPC colleagues helped with myriad activities including set-up, guest check-in, raffles, and even clean-up after the very successful evening. They did take the time to pause for a photo with a special, if not quiet, additional guest.


Young Philanthropist Initiative

We were delighted to receive applications from an impressive pool of talented candidates interested in participating in the Fellows program. A dedicated group of TPC volunteers read and scored each application twice and interviewed candidates over three nights. The five new Fellows selected out of this process are incredible young women who bring a range of diverse professional and personal experiences to the Fellowship. These new Fellows are committed to learning about philanthropy and contributing their time and talent to TPC as participants in the program.


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