We are a volunteer organization run entirely by our members. 

Each member uses her membership differently, depending upon her interests and availability. There is no “right” way; we believe in providing you with different opportunities so that you may use your membership in a way that suits you best.

If you DO want to offer your skills and expertise by volunteering on a committee, we have many opportunities to get involved.

Take a look at our committees and if one of them matches your skills and interests, contact the Committee Chair(s) about how you can help. We’d love to have you!

    • Education & Engagement Programs Committee…

This committee is responsible for planning and implementing events that educate TPC members about philanthropy, and help us engage with our Grantees and with one another. The committee is fully responsible for two all-member events, one at the beginning of December and one at the beginning of June, as well as smaller events, such as The Philanthropy Dialogues, a series of small group discussions held in members’ homes. This committee works closely with the Membership Committee (to make sure events are guest-friendly and welcoming), the Grant Review Committee (to ensure Education programs provide members with skills-based knowledge needed to support the grant review process), and the Marketing & Communications Committee (to ensure TPC messaging is consistent and clear). The committee meets monthly, between September and June, with the bulk of the work being done before the December and June events. The Education & Engagement Programs Committee is for members who are creative about putting together events that are educational, fun and rewarding for those who attend. No prior event planning experience required.

Meeting Times: Tuesdays, 8:00 am – 9:30 am
Meeting Location: Cambridge/Belmont
Committee Chairs: Lora Farkas
Questions? Want to join? Contact Lora: lorafarkas@gmail.com

    • Finance Committee…

This committee is responsible for providing financial oversight of The Philanthropy Connection, including the protection and best use of its assets, clear and timely reporting to the Board, and compliance with regulations. Responsibilities include: preparation of the annual budget for Board approval, review of quarterly reports to ensure adherence to the budget, long-range financial planning, record keeping and reporting, maintaining accountability, oversight of the materials submitted for the preparation and timely filing of taxes and required federal and state documents, and oversight and review of the Certified Financial Review or Audit. The committee meets monthly, between September and June.

Meeting Times: TBA
Meeting Location: TBA
Committee Chair: Martha Bedell
Questions? Want to join? Contact Martha: martha@marthabedell.com

    • Fundraising Committee…

This committee will create a Fundraising Plan to raise money from individuals and local corporations for TPC’s education programs. Committee members will not be responsible for soliciting funds; TPC board members will do this. This is a new committee; therefore its work will focus largely on strategy and planning. The committee will meet monthly, between September and June.

Meeting Times: TBA
Meeting Location: TBA
Committee Chair: Marla Felcher
Questions? Want to join? Contact Marla: mfelcher@thephilanthropyconnection.org

    • Grants Review Committee…

The Grants Review Committee meets in autonomous Teams (5-7 TPC members) to read, evaluate, and determine which non-profit organizations appear on the ballot as Finalists, to be voted on by all TPC members in May 2015. The process begins in September with training and culminates in May. The general tasks are: solicit Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) from non-profits, evaluate LOIs and invite a subset of organizations to submit a full proposal, evaluate full proposals, conduct site visits, and choose Finalists for all-member vote in May. Each Team will be headed by a Captain and Vice-Captain (assigned by Grant Review Steering Committee), who will be responsible for scheduling Team meetings (with input from each Team’s members). At a minimum, joining this committee will involve 2-3 meetings with your Team (2-3 hrs./meeting), training (1-2 hrs.), plus 8-12 hrs. to read and evaluate LOIs as well as 8-10 hrs. to read and evaluate full proposals on your own. The time commitment is spread over most of the year, between September and May. This committee is for anyone who wants to learn how to evaluate grant proposals, gain a deeper understanding of our community’s needs, and get to know leaders of organizations working to meet those needs. No prior grant evaluation knowledge or experience is required.

Meeting Times: TBA
Meeting Location: TBA
Committee Chairs: Catherine West and Linette Liebling
Questions? Want to join? Contact Linette: netgrace@aol.com

    • Marketing & Communications Committee…

The Marketing & Communications Committee handles TPC’s marketing and communications strategy and day-to-day activities. The committee works with other committees to coordinate their communications. The Marketing & Communications Committee also manages TPC’s website, e-newsletter, surveys, public relations, and social media. The committee meets between September and June, with subcommittees (e.g., public relations) meeting more
regularly as needed. The Marketing & Communications Committee is for anyone who would like to plan, develop, write, edit, and publish information about TPC, or help with TPC’s marketing, public relations, and social media campaigns.

Meeting Times: After work hours
Meeting Location: Boston/Cambridge
Committee Chairs: Andrea Goodman and Anne Manning
Questions? Want to join? Contact Andrea: andreabgoodman@gmail.com

    • Membership Committee…

The goal of the Membership Committee is to increase, diversify, and retain the membership of The Philanthropy Connection. The Committee works with TPC leadership to identify members who are interested in hosting Connect the Dots gatherings (new member recruitment events typically held in a current member’s apartment or home), provides support to the hostesses and follow-up to these gatherings, and develops creative ways to recruit new members. The Committee is also responsible for developing a stewardship/retention plan for current members. The Membership Committee will work closely with the Education & Engagement Programs Committee and the Marketing & Communications Committee. Planning will start in September, with the bulk of the work being done in February, March, and April. If you enjoy meeting lots of like-minded women who are interested in philanthropy, this is the committee for you.

Meeting Times: Daytime, during work hours
Meeting Location: Brookline/Newton
Committee Chairs: Ilene Greenberg and Barbara Guilfoile
Questions? Want to join? Contact Ilene: ilenegreenberg24@gmail.com

    • Young Philanthropist Committee (YPFs)

The Young Philanthropist Committee is accountable for achieving TPC’s goal to support and encourage the next generation of women philanthropists. Membership on this committee includes all recipients of TPC’s Young Philanthropist Fellowship as well as any interested general members. Each fall, this committee sets goals for the year ahead to ensure that TPC’s objectives are met. Each spring, the committee manages the selection and onboarding
process for the next class of Fellows. In general, the committee ensures that each Young Philanthropist has an optimal experience and completes the year with a broad understanding of the strategies, tactics, and rewards associated with philanthropy. The Young Philanthropist Committee will meet in September and plan subsequent meetings at that time. The bulk of the Committee’s work is done February through May, when Fellowship applicants are solicited, applications reviewed, and Fellowships awarded. If you are interested in recruiting, working with, and meeting young women philanthropists, this committee is for you. (You do not need to be under 35 years old to join this committee; “seasoned” members are welcome and encouraged to join!). To read about TPC’s current Fellowship recipients visit our website here: http://tpcstaging.wpengine.com/about-us/our-young-philanthropists

Meeting Times: After work hours
Meeting Location: Boston
Committee Chairs: Sharhea Wade and Yasmin Cruz
Questions? Want to join? Contact Sharhea: swade@thephilanthropyconnection.org

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