A huge TPC welcome to Ruby Kang, who joined TPC on January 3, making her the first new member of the 2016-2017 grant-making year.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: We recently moved to Waban from Pittsburgh, where I lived since coming to the U.S. from Korea as a five-year-old. I am a True Blue Pittsburgh girl. I went to college there, met my husband there, and raised our three kids there (ages 20, 22, and 24). After many years, we yanked up our roots and moved to Waban. It’s tough to turn down a job from BWH and Harvard Medical School.

Q: What were your first impressions of the area?
A: I had sticker shock, everything in Boston costs so much more than in Pittsburgh.

Q: Did you do non-profit work in Pittsburgh?
A: I was deeply involved in lots of non-profits there. I started with the PTA in each of the kids’ schools. Once they got older, I became more involved in the larger community. I’m most proud of the work I did at the Mt. Lebanon Community Endowment. As their first official Board president, I helped get the organization off the ground. We built the infrastructure of the organization, hired our first executive director, and now the endowment is up to about $700-800,000. I also did a lot of fundraising and event planning for charities and non-profits.

Q: How do you plan to get involved with TPC?
A: I’m looking forward to joining a grant review team. I love the idea of TPC, of moving away from big flashy fundraisers and going straight to the punch by awarding grants. It’s clean, streamlined giving. We are affecting people in our own backyard, which is so important to me.

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