TPC’s 17 Grant Review Teams all have designated “Finance Leads,” women who volunteer to spearhead the work involved in assessing each grant applicant’s financial health. Some of our Leads work in private sector finance, some have served as Treasurers on non-profit boards, and some just love working with numbers. No matter what a Lead’s background or experience, we require her to attend our Financial Review Training. This ensures we all start on the same page when reviewing applicants’ financial statements, and that our financial due diligence is, well, diligent. As of this week our training is complete, and we’re ready to dig in. Thank you, Mintz Levin, for hosting our Boston workshop, and TPC member Martha Bedell for hosting in Cambridge.


Tapping the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s Expertise

This year’s Financial Review Training was taught (pro bono) by TPC member and Young Philanthropist Fellow Jihye Choi, and Beth Doreian. Jihye is an associate and Beth a senior associate at Nonprofit Finance Fund’s (NFF) Boston office. NFF makes significant investments in, and provides strategy advice to non-profit organizations nationwide. NFF has provided $575 million in financing and access to additional capital in support of over $1.5 billion in projects for thousands of organizations. In partnership with others, they’ve also supported the provision of more than $120 million in grants to non-profits for recovery, capital and planning grants, and reserves. Which is why Jihye and Beth know a thing or two about evaluating non-profit financials.

Thank-you Jihye and Beth.

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