TPC Update: Happy Birthday to Us!

On a warm afternoon in June 2012, The Philanthropy Connection’s co-founders held their first meeting to discuss our vision, values, and mission. This month, as we celebrate our fourth birthday, we have much to celebrate, namely, 250+ generous members who have cumulatively awarded over $600,000 in grants to 23 Boston area organizations. Thank you!

As part of our birthday celebration, we are feting new TPC leadership and three new members of TPC’s Board. To quote a Mad Men-esque advertising campaign … We’ve come a long way, baby!

Change is in the air at TPC …
Welcoming a New Madam President!

Thoughts from TPC President E. Marla Felcher

A few weeks ago, at TPC’s Annual Meeting and Grant Awards, I shared with our members and their guests a phrase that had become TPC’s mantra during our start-up years: We are building the plane as we fly it. Over the last three years, we’ve worked tirelessly to get TPC’s plane airborne: we created a grant evaluation process; recruited members and installed a database to keep track of them; offered educational events with our Grantees; built a Fellowship program; and, awarded grants to over 20 non-profit organizations – tasks that few of us had done before launching TPC. Thanks to the many women who pitched in to do this work (as volunteers), I’m proud to announce “We did It!”

TPC’s start-up years are officially over. We have built the plane. Our plan for the next few years is to improve what we’re already doing – by offering more ways for our members to connect with one another and with our Grantees, and by improving our efficiency. I’m bursting with excitement to announce that leading us through Phase II will be a new TPC President … READ MORE


Three Cheers for Three New Board Members

At the beginning of June, TPC’s Board of Directors elected three new women onto the Board of Directors: Cori Mykoff, Marta Pagan-Ortiz, and Amy Reeves. READ MORE to learn why we’re so excited they’ll be joining us.


TPC Membership News

Membership for our 2016-2017 grant-making season is still open. If you’d like to participate on a Grant Review Team next Fall, the deadline to renew your membership or join as a new member this year is July 15, 2016. (If you do not want to join a Grant Review Team, you will have until December 31, 2016 to renew or join.)

Click HERE to read about the benefits of joining TPC, and becoming part of a community of the warmest, wisest, most big-hearted women in the Boston area.

Ready to Renew?

Ready to Join Us?


TPC Grant-Making Schedule

On June 2, we announced our 10 new Grantees … and the very next week, TPC’s indomitable grants leadership team was back to work, planning for the next round of grant-making, which will kick off at the end of the summer.

All TPC members will receive a short survey within the next few weeks, asking if you are interested in joining a Grant Review Team next fall, or volunteering on one of our many (new!) committees. Watch your INBOX for the survey, and please take a moment to let us know how you’d like to participate next year.


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