TPC Spring Update

A few weeks ago, The Philanthropy Connection (TPC) held its first conference. At TPC we believe you don’t have to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist; the 200 conference attendees were young Boston-area women motivated to help us redefine what it means to be a philanthropist – as anyone who donates her time, talents, and/or money in an effort to improve the lives of others. We learned many things at the conference, chief among them, that Millennials (at least the ones we know!) have been getting a bad rap.


We’re Tired of Hearing About Millennials!
It’s Time to Hear From Them
Thoughts from TPC President E. Marla Felcher

As a card-carrying Baby Boomer, for years I happily swallowed the media caricature of Millennials the lazy, spoiled, narcissistic, entitled “Me” generation born between the 1980s and 2000. Raised within a culture that awarded trophies just for showing up, Millennials have the highest likelihood of having unmet life expectations than any generation before them. As young adults they continue to live with their parents and are late to get married, resulting, according to Time magazine, in severe cases of “arrested development.” Sound like anyone you know? Probably not your kids, but perhaps a couple of their friends? Or maybe a few of the young people on your team at work? 

From the start, we were intentional about making TPC accessible to Millennial women. We had a hunch the media’s generalizations were wrong, and we wanted to meet the non-lazy, unspoiled, altruistic women who worked hard for their trophies. We didn’t care if they were married or with whom they lived. We provided Fellowships, and encouraged Boomers to sponsor their daughters, younger colleagues, and friends. READ MORE


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Grant-Making News

TPC’s 17 Teams of volunteer grant reviewers are coming down the homestretch, finishing up the work they’ve been doing since last October. After evaluating organizations’ Letters of Intent and Full Proposals, they are now conducting site visits at selected organizations. Careful evaluation of grant proposals is an important step in our process, but time and again our members tell us that meeting executive directors, clients, staff, and an occasional board member in person is the most gratifying part of their work. Thank you to all of the nonprofit organizations that have opened their doors to us. 

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