TPC Winter Update

New member recruitment season is upon us, which means that we’ve been meeting lots of new women interested in learning more about what we do at The Philanthropy Connection (TPC). We do many things, and we are different things to different members, but there is one way we do not like to be described…


Please Don’t Call TPC A Giving Circle

Thoughts from TPC President E. Marla Felcher

Every once in a while I hear someone refer to TPC as “a women’s giving circle.” The label makes me cringe. It brings to mind an image of well-behaved ladies sitting around a circle engaged in a passive task – sewing. The women chatter and stitch. This image has little to do with how I view The Philanthropy Connection’s busy, generous, wise, and opinionated members. Why? (Click here to read more.)


TPC Membership News

Membership for our 2016-2017 grant-making year is now open. Here’s your chance to help us give even more money away – and at the same time join a community of the warmest, wisest, most big-hearted women in Boston.

Click here to read about the benefits of joining TPC.

Interested in attending a Connect The Dots: New Member Information Session? Click to learn when gatherings are happening in these locations: NewtonWinchesterLexington, or West Roxbury

Ready to join us? Click BELOW.

Already a TPC member?  Renewals will start when the ground thaws this Spring.


Put Your Online Shopping To Work For TPC

For your online shopping during the holidays or any other time, consider registering with iGive. TPC will then receive an automatic donation based on the purchase amount of your eligible online shopping. Simply register with iGive and then shop with eligible online retailers; iGive handles the rest! This is also an easy way for your family and friends to help support TPC. Visit our website here to register.


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Happy Winter! Snow still covers the ground and most days the temperature dips below freezing, but Spring is very much on our minds at The Philanthropy Connection. Read on to learn about TPC’s April 2nd Young Philanthropist Conference (Boston’s first!), the kick-off of new member recruitment season, and why we don’t like for TPC to be called a “giving circle.”
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